April 24, 2024

These creamy soup recipes prove that comfort food need not come in the format of a big platter of meat and potatoes. Including better-than-canned creamy tomato soup, restaurant-style creamy potato soup, hearty creamy chicken soup, and more, these homemade soup recipes will inspire you to officially kick the can.

Brie Passano

We’re so smitten with this cozy classic pasta sauce that we decided to make a meal out of it. The noodles are still here, of course, we just call for mixing them into the wine-infused tomato, beef, and pancetta sauce. Heavy cream and plenty of broth transform this from spaghetti-coating to creamy soup recipe. One five-star reviewer says, “this is a fantastic soup; currently my winter favorite. It’s hearty and really tasty.”

Jason Donnelly

A chicken pot pie is one comfort food we find ourselves craving frequently, but we don’t always have the time to invest about an hour into whipping up and baking a casserole. This bowl of creamy soup can yours in just 35 minutes.

Jason Donnelly

Nutty, chewy wild rice, heavy cream, and a bounty of umami mushrooms help this vegetarian soup stand up to its meaty competitors. A blend of white wine, vegetable broth, and heavy cream team up in the luscious base. 

Test Kitchen Tip: In a hurry? Save about 45 minutes by starting this creamy mushroom soup with pre-cooked store-bought wild rice instead of simmering it from scratch.

Jacob Fox

If you’re seeking a light creamy vegetable soup recipe that tastes far richer than its nutrition facts might lead you to believe, turn to this vibrant carrot soup. If you employ a blender, you can blitz up carrots, leek, potato, broth, and other aromatic ingredients into a thick soup that only needs 1 tablespoon of heavy cream to reach the perfect level of silkiness. Since each serving has just 84 calories, we like to serve this as an appetizer or as a sandwich side dish at lunch.

Linda Pugliese

That same puréeing technique is the key step to create this creamy potato soup, too. It actually calls for zero dairy and can be 100% vegan if you kick things off with vegetable stock. The sweet potatoes get a bright, earthy boost from lime and carrot, while curry and coriander spice things up.

Andy Lyons

Do you have some American cheese handy for layering into grilled cheese or shredding as the star of mac and cheese? Put a half cup to tasty use in this far-better-than-canned creamy broccoli soup. From there, you can customize your brothy broccoli creation by answering two questions: Fresh or frozen veggies? And milk, half-and-half, or light cream? Any path you choose, the results are family-friendly and surprisingly fast (25 minutes).

Carson Downing

If you haven’t hopped on the gazpacho train yet, you might think the term “summer soup” is an oxymoron. But soup can help keep you cool! Leave the oven off and fill your food processor with hydrating vegetables and you’ll be quickly convinced that creamy tomato soup is totally appropriate—and ultra-refreshing—to enjoy during warm weather. This easy vegetable soup recipe gets a bonus boost of both rich texture and protein from an unexpected hidden ingredient: silken tofu.

Andy Lyons

This 30-minute creamy potato soup tastes like spring, and is inspired by one of our favorite seasonal side dishes: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus. Set the stage with boiled and blended potatoes and asparagus set the stage, then top things off with flair and delightful sweet-savory flavor by way of honey-coated bacon crumbles and bacon dripping-tossed asparagus spears. One BHG fan raves, “We love this soup. It uses simple ingredients, is easy to prepare, and tastes delicious!”

CJ Younger

This creamy chicken soup is as good as the OG. Literally! “My niece loves to order this soup so I wanted to try it out on her,” one BHG home cook says of this Olive Garden copycat recipe. “Her response? Better than the original! A win in my book.” A couple time-saving ingredients make this restaurant-style soup come together in far less time than it would take to dine out: Packaged gnocchi and leftover or rotisserie chicken.

Fennel, with a flavor that reminds us of licorice, mint, and honey, is usually part of the supporting cast for another featured ingredient. But in this creamy vegetable soup recipe, the perennial piece of produce gets to step into the spotlight. Onion, potato, chicken stock, half-and-half, and fennel seeds sing back-up to the fennel, which actually qualifies as a spice, herb, and a veggie. 

Scott Little / RJT LLC

Put a new twist on chicken soup by replacing the noodles with small potatoes. They simmer into spoonable, buttery, carb perfection. This slow cooker chicken soup doesn’t actually transform into a creamy potato soup until the final 15 minutes. That’s when we recommend stirring in the half-and-half, goat cheese (yes, please!), fresh thyme, and peas so they don’t overcook.

Jacob Fox

Based on its consistency in custard pies, you’re probably well aware of canned pumpkin’s creamy qualities. In this creamy soup recipe, we pair that pantry staple with white wine, chicken broth, and heavy cream in the golden bisque. Since shrimp cook so quickly and the canned pumpkin is already roasted, you can have this warm, protein-rich soup recipe on the table in 40 minutes flat.

Kim Cornelison

Glowing reviews for this creamy tomato soup, including one that calls this “one of our favorites!!” are not only the result of the flavor. The easy soup recipe is a hit due to its ease, speed, and convenience, too. Although it tastes like something from a nice bistro, this jazzed-up tomato soup is actually a 5-ingredient recipe.

Since this creamy soup recipe can be made with frozen or fresh corn, you’re able to savor a taste of summer any time of year. It will be a surprisingly satisfying taste, too. Since this chipotle in adobo-spiked soup stars both chicken and evaporated milk, each serving contains a filling 26 grams of protein. The taste bud value isn’t lacking either, since onion, fresh cilantro, crumbled cheese, and a smoky roasted red pepper purée are also invited to the party.


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