April 24, 2024

As promised for this celebration of Countrywide Nutrition Thirty day period, our very first installment of queries from readers:

Corliss J. from Tucson, Arizona, writes: “I would like to get more organic vitamin C from meals. I have a issue referred to as ‘stomach dumping’ and also heartburn. Juicy sweet fruits lead to digestive distress and heartburn. I choose a 500 mg Ester-C pill every working day. Could you please advise some meals that comprise vitamin C but are not sweet, acidic or juicy? How substantially must I eat day-to-day?”

Expensive Corliss, the proposed everyday allowance for vitamin C is at this time 75 milligrams for grownup girls. And whilst many men and women like your self take increased doses from nutritional supplements, it’s absolutely achievable to satisfy your vitamin C needs from meals.

One particular SunGold kiwifruit, for illustration, is made up of 131 mg of vitamin C, although three-fourths of a cup of orange or grapefruit juice features about 95 mg. If you do not tolerate these juicy fruits, you can also get vitamin C in red or inexperienced bell peppers (95 and 60 mg per 1/2 cup, respectively), 1/2 cup cooked broccoli or strawberries (50 mg), 1/2 cup Brussels sprouts (37 mg) or even a medium baked potato (22 mg).

According to the Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Data Middle at Oregon State University, our bodies most effective take in vitamin C at doses up to 200 mg. And we can get that amount from 5 servings (about 2 1/2 cups) of a selection of fruit and veggies each working day.

While superior doses of vitamin C seem to be harmless, they can set off digestive distress, particularly if you exceed the existing upper intake stage of 2,000 mg a working day, established by the Institute of Medicine’s Foods and Diet Board.

Yet another reader, Paula, asks: “When selecting a premade food items, this sort of as bread or cracker, which parts really should manual you in buy of nutrition: carbs, fats, fiber, sodium or energy? I have somewhat elevated blood strain or have been advised to eliminate 5-10 lbs as I am pre-diabetic.”

Initially and foremost, seem at the serving dimension, Paula. All the other information and facts on the nourishment specifics label is based on that sum. Keep with that serving measurement if you need to have to lose body weight.

Future, considering that you have superior blood force, hone in on the sodium written content. If you just cannot come across a item with much less than 140 milligrams of sodium for each serving, opt for a person with the lesser quantity among the your alternatives.

For bread, crackers and other grain food items, glimpse for the words and phrases “whole grain” on the label. There is distinct healthcare evidence, in accordance to the Total Grains Council, that whole grains can lessen your hazard for diabetic issues and weight problems, as perfectly as heart disorder and most cancers.

Last of all, just take a glimpse at the unwanted fat articles and opt for a food items with the the very least quantity of saturated excess fat, ideally much less than 2 grams per serving.

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