December 7, 2023

Magnesium plays a huge role in many impacts of the menopause on our health, sleep, hot flushes, cramps, restless legs and fatigue. But how do we ensure that we get enough of it? Eating foods like almond nuts, black beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, broccoli, spinach can be a tough ask for many, so we turn to supplements. But which are the best supplements?

Tablets and powders must travel through the entire digestive system to be broken down in our small intestine where they are already on the way out of our system as our bodies struggle to get whatever magnesium it can; sometimes as low as 10-15 per cent. Therefore, it can take weeks to feel a response, and you need to keep taking a lot to get the benefit.

Based in Co Louth, Oriel is the only company to harvest magnesium, minerals and trace elements directly from deep sea water in a pure liquid form that is absorbed from the moment it hits your tongue.

With up to 100 per cent absorption (proven through studies in DCU), this is the only type of magnesium that does not have to endure digestive absorption. In addition, there are no waste fillers or binding agents (necessary for powders and tablets) for your body to try to dispose of. With up to 100 per cent rapid absorption, your body works a lot less to get what you need, which means you need a lot less of this liquid form.

Oriel have been in business for 10 years, but up until recently they mainly supplied their products to skincare brands such as Neals Yard Remedies, ESPA, GOSH, nutrition drinks such as Mude and even into medical device products such as burn-care dressings and gels.

Oriel’s science has been published in skincare and medical journals and they are certified “Organic” and “Sustainable” with patents granted across four continents for their harvesting process and product applications. They hold protected source status – protected designation of origin (PDO)- from the EU Commission for their deep-sea magnesium and mineral products, harvested to ISO standards.

With the increasing focus on the issues facing those going through the menopause, such as restless legs, cramps and sleep issues, women are searching out natural based solutions.

This was very evident at the recent Bloom festival in Phoenix Park, Dublin where Oriel presented their liquid Magnesium Mineral and Trace Element drops on Menopause and Sleep.

According to Brian Fitzpatrick, Oriel managing director: “Bloom was a real eye-opener for us, we learned so much. More than 1,500 women came to our stand and the scale of the issues around menopause and sleep was incredible. We had no idea it was such a common and life changing time, and we were honoured to share with these women the science that we have developed over the past six years working with DCU and to know we could help.”

When you have a mineral like Magnesium, combined with more than 78 trace elements (necessary for skin, hair, immune and digestive health) in liquid form that you can take as drops in water, then ease of taking and speed of absorption makes all the difference for results.

Understanding how magnesium, minerals and trace elements impact on our bodies and how everything is connected has been a journey of discovery for Oriel and scientists at DCU. Six years of scientific studies have resulted in publications in science and skincare journals and has provided the foundational knowledge for their range of liquid supplementation products which focus on menopause, sleep, fatigue, sports and relaxation.

Brian Fitzpatrick said: “At Oriel we are a science and results driven company. Because of our clients in skincare, burn-care and nutrition, it was necessary for regulatory and safety approvals to carry out very deep levels of research that many supplement companies do not need to do, as they are dealing only with the consumer. These discoveries allowed us to be confident in the knowledge of how our products could really change the lives of women with the many issues associated with and after the menopause.”

According to the research, it is very clear that the minerals in our diet are essential for a multitude of bodily functions. They are critical for our immunity and health, building strong bones and teeth, blood health, skin, hair, nerve function, muscle and for processes that turn the food we eat into energy. So, any deficiency can impact on our sleep, our energy, our ability to manage fatigue or the many issues associated with menopause.

Oriel has developed patented technology to harvest and extract these precious nutrients in a rare and scientifically-proven form.

According to Dr Ronan P Murphy of DCU: “Bioavailability is something everyone needs to understand better. The ability of your body to break down, absorb and utilise nutrients quickly and efficiently depends specifically on the form they are in. We have witnessed in 24 hours, systemic improvements to the cardiovascular system and circulating blood platelet health in a more rapid and efficient manner than other similar supplementation.”

Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function so has a role in recovery and performance, psychological function (so aids with anxiety, stress, sleep and menopause) functioning of the nervous system (which can impact on restless legs, fatigue and anxiety) maintenance of normal bones and teeth. Magnesium is necessary for energy-yielding metabolism and electrolyte balance, which are critical to recovery and performance (sports, injury, energy and fatigue) while also having a role in the process of cell division (repairing and making healthy cells).

Women of all ages benefit immensely from the intake of magnesium due to the natural development of our body and to other key facts such as the need for magnesium in protein synthesis and its necessary role in absorption and metabolisation of calcium, vitamin D, B6, B complex and 600 enzymatic processes. Multiple studies on tens of thousands of people across the US, EU and Asia have confirmed the critical role of magnesium, but more importantly the fact that deficiency begins as early as 40 and tends to continue on a downward spiral as we age.*

Deep-sea water remains one of the few remaining locations for pure nutrients and Oriel has developed patented technology to harvest and extract these precious nutrients in a rare and scientifically-proven form.

Oriel is available as drops which have no taste when taken in water and as a skin applied gel.

Oriel Magnesium Gel began life as a solution for stiff joints, muscle burn and cramps post exercise with no smell or stickiness. Once again it was the speed of absorption that made all the difference with results within minutes lasting hours. Recent scientific discoveries have also demonstrated its benefits to dry skin issues and sunburn, among other skin applications.

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* Studies include:


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